Genoa. The Italiana Coke Group and the Cosulich Group have today announced a collaboration strategy for the development of logistics-related activities in the Savona and Val Bormida areas. The two Liguria-based groups are set to pool their experience, expertise, contacts and assets, with a view to achieving a more modern and efficient management of maritime logistics activities in the bulk cargo sector. Saidelli, a longstanding Savona-based company of the Cosulich Group, and TAFS, the most modern bulk cargo terminal in the Tyrrhenian port system, will handle the maritime activities associated with the main incoming and outgoing flows involving the Italiana Coke Group. Other opportunities for development and rationalisation in the area of logistics and transportation, including on land, are being assessed. “Italiana Coke manages major flows of goods and needs to elevate its logistics for raw materials and finished products to a level of excellence that is the key to serving customers all over the world,” explains Paolo Cervetti, CEO of Italiana Coke. “Today, 65% of Italiana Coke’s customers are foreign and transportation is multimodal and sometimes intermodal, a trend that is inevitably bound to grow. The Cosulich Group, which, like us, has been around for over a century, is a part of the Ligurian system and promotes a vision of modern logistics, seemed like a natural partner for this operation, which is part of our strategic plan.” “Saidelli is a company that has always worked in the maritime field. Active in the Savona and Val Bormida areas, it mainly carries out maritime agency, recommendation and shipment activities and represents shipping and land transport companies. We seized this opportunity when it was presented to us as we recognise the importance of Italiana Coke in the economic landscape of the region, so we believe that there is a good basis for growth and development for both companies and their related groups. All this allows us to further diversify our activities in the port of Savona,” says Lorenzo Momigliano, General Manager of Fratelli Cosulich SpA. Italiana Coke is an industrial company that produces and markets coke (synthetic coal obtained from dry coal distillation and mainly used by the metallurgical industry and foundries) with a plant in Cairo Montenotte (Savona). Through its subsidiaries, Funivie S.p.A. and Terminal Alti Fondali Savona S.r.l., Italiana Coke also deals with transport (maritime, cableway and rail) and handles functional raw materials in their production process, as well as the finished product. The Fratelli Cosulich group, owned by the Cosulich family and active on the international market for 160 years, covers all sectors of the shipping industry – from bunker trading to equipment, from maritime agency to insurance, from trading to IT. The group, whose registered office is in Trieste and headquarters in Genoa, employs some 1,000 people around the world and generates an annual turnover of around €1 billion.

Italiana Coke press office