The terminal, located in Area 29 of the Alti Fondali dock, specialises in the handling of solid bulk cargo destined for various industries in central and northern Italy. The company’s facilities, available resources, and organisation of work allow it to manage traffic while minimising the time ships spend on the docks, performing operational activities, and achieving high productivity rates in full respect of the environment. Thanks to Funivie S.p.A., whose cableways connect the terminal to its facilities in Cairo Montenotte in the Bormida valley, the company has been able to offer its customers a storage solution for a total of up to 250,000 tonnes of goods. Both the terminal and the Funivie S.p.A. storage facilities are connected to the railway network.


ISO 9001:2015 – The Terminal Alti Fondali Savona S.r.l. quality management system is certified by RINA Services SpA in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for the following fields of activity: “Provision of unloading / loading and delivery / receipt services of bulk materials

Terminal Alti Fondali SavonaKEY MILESTONES


Start of construction

The Port Authority of Savona starts construction work on the dock, civil works and the new terminal facilities.

The new terminal

Construction of the new bulk cargo terminal at the Alti Fondali dock in the port of Savona is completed. The new terminal is inaugurated in the same year.
The concession for landing, temporary storage and redelivery facilities is entrusted to Società Funiviaria Alto Tirreno (SFAT).

Terminal Alti Fondali Savona S.r.l. founded (TAFS)

The new company is founded. It is overseen by Italiana Coke, which has taken over the concession for managing the terminal from the previous concession-holder. The first ship docks in July.

Expansion of range of machinery

TAFS purchases a self-propelled port crane with a 100-tonne capacity, which is added to the unloading system already in use at the terminal.

Connection to Funivie cableways

The works for connecting the terminal with the cableway facilities are completed and the direct transfer of goods from the port of Savona to San Giuseppe di Cairo, to the Funivie warehouses and the Italian Coke coking plant, is established.

New hopper built

A new mobile hopper is built that allows the Funivie facilities to be supplied not only via the continuous unloader but also with the self-propelled crane.