Terminal Alti Fondali SavonaThe Miramare jetty

Given the limits imposed by the seabed, which are incompatible with the draught of modern bulk carriers, the historic Miramare jetty, built in 1926 and situated along the coast in the old harbour dock, is closed and the new terminal has been opened in the Alti Fondali pier.

Terminal Alti Fondali SavonaThe new Alti Fondali Savona terminal

The new terminal has state-of-the-art features and equipment that enable it to cope effectively with the current needs of maritime operators.

Terminal Alti Fondali SavonaTechnical features

With a 300 m berth and an 18 m draught, the dock can receive ships up to “capesize-type vessels” dimensions. The operational potential of the terminal is equal to an unloading rate of over 2,000 tonnes/hour , achieved with the combined use of the continuous unloading system and the bucket crane.

Terminal Alti Fondali SavonaStorage capacity

The terminal has “buffer” storage facilities located right at the back of the dock, comprising 7 reinforced concrete bunkers built partially underground and fitted with mobile covers, providing a total storage volume of 54,000 m³ and a series of structures for the transfer of goods on road and rail. Three dedicated tracks connect the terminal to both the port’s own and the national wail network.